Gettin' in the GameSM
Junior National Championship (JNC)

Gettin’ In The Game Junior National Championship

September 20 — 22, 2024
Henderson, Nevada

It gives us great pleasure to announce CSL Behring will be hosting the Gettin' in the Game Junior National Championship (JNC) in Henderson, NV from September 20 - 22, 2024. It has been 22 years since CSL Behring created the JNC, the first national and currently the only sports competition for children with bleeding disorders.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of their respective sport, participate in friendly competition and have a chance to connect with fellow members of the bleeding disorders community from across the country. Additionally, educational seminars focusing on the importance of physical fitness and other related topics will be available on-site.

We are inviting all bleeding disorders chapters throughout the United States to not miss the opportunity to nominate two children from their chapter to participate in the experience of a lifetime. This is for children, ages 7 through 18, to represent the chapter during this national competition. Each participant will have the opportunity to choose either baseball, basketball, golf or swimming for this year's JNC. If you have any questions about the 2024 JNC, please contact your local chapter.

Additional details about how your chapter can participate will be communicated shortly.

CSL Behring

Developed by CSL Behring, the Gettin' in the Game (GIG) Junior National Championship (JNC) was the first and currently only national sports competition designed specifically for the bleeding disorders community. The program gives children with bleeding disorders an opportunity to learn baseball, basketball, golf, or swimming and provides education and information-sharing opportunities for participants and their parents/caregivers.

21st Annual Gettin' in the Game Junior National Championship (JNC)

  • More than 110 children and their caregivers representing 55 chapters across the country, traveled to Henderson, Nevada, on October 6–8, 2023 to participate in this annual event.
  • Attendees learned the fundamentals of baseball, basketball, golf, or swimming, participated in friendly competition, and connected with their peers. Educational seminars focusing on the importance of physical fitness and other related topics were provided on site.
  • At the conclusion of the JNC, each child was recognized for his or her participation and the champions were announced.