Gettin' in the GameSM
Junior National Championship (JNC)

Developed by CSL Behring, the Gettin' in the Game (GIG) Junior National Championship (JNC) was the first national sporting competition designed specifically for the bleeding disorders community. The program gives children with bleeding disorders an opportunity to compete in baseball, basketball, golf or swimming and provides education and information-sharing opportunities for participants and their parents/caregivers.

  • The JNC features accomplished GIG athletes, who themselves have been diagnosed with a bleeding disorder. These athletes hold clinics to help educate children and their families about the fundamentals of baseball, basketball, golf or swimming, and provide support to encourage participants to remain active as part of managing their condition.
  • Since the first JNC in 2002, CSL Behring has brought the competition to more than 30 towns across the United States and has helped nearly 1,000 competitors and their families connect with other members of the bleeding disorders community.
  • The JNC encourages kids with bleeding disorders such as hemophilia and von Willebrand Disease to stay physically active, learn more about their disease state, and regularly connect with their treatment provider to effectively manage their condition.

With GIG, CSL Behring nurtures a community. In the spirit of that collaboration, the program fosters genuine connections as children with bleeding disorders and their families meet and share experiences. Remember, before engaging in any physical activity, always consult with a healthcare professional to make sure that the activity is right for you.